Nobel Prize Winning Graphene – Saving Lives with Super Strong Condoms

When two scientist at the University of Manchester discovered graphene in 2004, most people expected that it will be used for various scientific purposes such as development of faster computer chips, manufacturing of thinner phone, tablet, and laptop screens, aircraft applications, chemical sensors, and other physics application.


However, no one expected that one of the most important scientific discovery of the 21st century, which later won the scientists a Nobel Prize, could be used to improve people’s sex lives.


Scientist proposes the use of graphene in making condoms

Condoms Made of Nobel Prize Winning MaterialIn 2013, a team of Manchester scientists came up with the idea of using graphene to create stronger, more comfortable, and pleasurable condoms, in the hope that it will make them more desirable. (


In an era where STDs have been on the rise, mostly due people having unprotected sex, this is a development that could significantly save the lives of many people, especially in regions where there is a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

What makes graphene ideal making of condoms?

Despite the fact that condoms have been around for many generations, they have undergone very little development, which is one of the reasons why some people do not find them desirable during sex. However, with the discovery of graphene, scientists hope to develop next generation condoms, which will significantly improve the sex. Below is a look at some of the reasons why graphene is considered as an ideal material for making better condoms (


1) It is very strong – graphene is one of the strongest elements, and is even stronger than carbon. Using graphene to make condoms thus guarantees that they will be stronger than the ones currently available.


2) It is thin and light – graphene is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms and it is very light. This makes it possible to manufacture super thin condoms that will enhance pleasure during sex.


3) It is highly conductive – graphene is a very conductive element that has been found to have high heat conducting properties. Using it to make condoms will therefore increase heat transfer during sex, leading to more pleasure.


How will graphene condoms help to save lives?

Despite condoms having being proven to be quite effective in preventing STDs and pregnancies, their usage is still low, and this has been attributed as one of the reasons for the increase in the risk of contracting STDs ( One might therefore wonder how effective the graphene condoms will be, if some people do not like using the current ones. Below is a look at the top benefits of condoms manufactured using graphene, and how effective they can be in preventing STDs.


1) Graphene condoms will be safer

One of the main benefits of graphene condoms is that they will be safer compared to other condoms.Safer Condoms To start with, graphene being one of the strongest elements will help to create extra strong condoms that will be almost impossible to break. This will greatly reduce the risk of contracting an STD during sex.


In addition to being super strong, scientists have found that graphene is impenetrable by most substances, and only the smallest of molecules, such as those of water, can pass through it. This makes it one of the most ideal materials for creating safe condoms that can offer more protection against STDs.


2) They will be more comfortable

One of the main reasons a number of people dislike using condoms during sex is because they are quite uncomfortable. A number of men have reported having problems with condom sizes and fit, where the condom is either too short, too long or too tight  Rather than deal with these problems and the discomfort of using such condoms, most men thus decide to have unprotected sex, placing themselves and their partner at a risk of contracting STDs.


Graphene can help to solve this problem, as the element is very flexible, and, it can help to make more elastic condoms that are easier to wear and fits perfectly when combined with the elasticity of a material such as latex. In addition, graphene is very light, a factor that will help to increase the comfort of the wearer during sex. This can make the condoms more desirable among people, and encourage their use.


3) They will be more pleasurable

More Pleasurable CondomsMost of the condoms that are available today are made using latex, and they are quite effective in providing protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. However, they tend to be a bit thick, which reduces pleasure during sex, making them undesirable.


As a result, people who still prefer to use protection usually go for non-latex condoms that are thinner, have higher heat transfer, and can offer more sensitivity during sex ( Unfortunately, they are also not as effective as most people would like.


Graphene condoms can solve this problem by enhancing pleasure during sex, thus making them attractive. As already mentioned, graphene is extremely thin, with only one layer of atoms, and thus can be used to make extra thin condoms that heighten sensations during sex. In addition, it is a better heat conductor than latex, which can help to increase pleasure due to more heat transfer when having sex.


4) Reduced risk of getting latex allergy

In addition to reducing pleasure during sex, latex condoms can also cause latex allergy (, a hypersensitive reaction by the skin as a result of latex exposure. The allergy affects a good number of people, which makes the condoms less desirable. Graphene condoms can help to reduce the risk of allergic reaction, encouraging many people to use them.


The use of graphene condoms can also help to solve other problems that are common with regular condoms, for example, bad smell and taste as a result of rubber, and reduced effectiveness when using oil-based lubricants.


The discovery of the Nobel prize-winning graphene is a major scientific breakthrough that has even the ability to touch the day to day lives of the people. Using graphene to make condoms can help to make them stronger, safer, and more pleasurable.

This will likely make them more attractive, thus encouraging more people to purchase condoms from online stores, such as and use them during sex. As a result, the risk of contracting STDs will significantly decrease, saving the lives of a lot of people.

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