Iranian-born professor turns into 1st female to get Subject Medal

Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian-born mathematician has turn out to be the 1st female ever to get the Fields Medal- – the most prestigious honor broadly considered as the Nobel Prize of mathematics. Mirzakhani, who gained her bachelor’s degree in Iran, has a PhD in pure mathematics from Harvard and is now a professor at Stanford University in California. She was a person of 4 winners introduced by the Intercontinental Congress of Mathematicians or the I-C-M, at its convention in Seoul. The I-C-M has in a assertion hailed the 37-yr-outdated Iranian mathematician, expressing she embodies a scarce blend of wonderful complex capacity, bold ambition, far-reaching eyesight, and deep curiosity. Mirzakhani’s award acknowledges her innovative and very initial contributions to the fields of geometry and dynamical units, specially in knowing the symmetry of curved surfaces these as spheres.
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