Günter Grass: Our democracies are collapsing

Günter Grass versus surveillance in the electronic age. Hear the German Nobel Prize profitable writer, who has signed the global declaration “A Stand for Democracy in the Electronic age” on why it is needed to battle for liberal rights.

When protection is place before liberty, simple democratic rights decay. It is the duty of artists to protect our tough received democratic rights. A word of warning from Günter Grass, one of Germany’s most vital intellectuals.

A few minutes of potent phrases from writer Günter Grass, on the great importance of democracy and solidarity. Artists are essentially selfish, he states, but it’s vital to not see oneself as a solitary remaining and not usually side with the winners. The greater part of persons depend on assistance, on a compensatory design of social conduct, Grass clarifies: “I’m not a born Social Democrat. I acquired to be one.”

Günter Grass sees neo-liberalism as the curse of our times, for the reason that it has “unleashed the specific, with its predatory mentality” which has all over again led to a predatory capitalism, and a “relapse into the 19th century.”

Günter Wilhelm Grass (b.1927) is a German novelist, poet, playwright, illustrator, graphic artist and sculptor, finest known for his first novel The Tin Drum (1959). He is extensively regarded as Germany’s most well-known living author. In 1999 he received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Günter Grass was interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner

Digital camera: Klaus Elmer

Enhancing: Martin Kogi

Made by Marc-Christoph Wagner

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